Crystal Allianz Arena

CLIENT    Tarespa & Preciosa

AGENCY    Cinesco

SERVICES    Design, Direction, Production

We joined forces with Tarespa, a company producing 3D printed models of stadiums to create a special crystal edition of their merch for unique clients from the football world. This time we created 3D crystal models of the most famous football venues. These models were then optimized to be cast from glass in one of the biggest glass companies in Czech Republic - Preciosa.
And what's more, models not only raise money for the company, but also for people in need. Part of the profit goes to charity.



CLIENT    Tarespa & Preciosa


Production    CINESCO

Director    Petr Mentberger

Art Director    Petr Mentberger

Design    Siarhei Aleksiayevich

Look Development   Siarhei Aleksiayevich

3D Modeling    Martin Vykoukal

Lighting & Rendering    Siarhei Aleksiayevich

Color Grading    Petr Mentberger

Compositing    Petr Hastik

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