Samsung VR Experience

CLIENT    Samsung

AGENCY    Cinesco

SERVICES    Direction, Design, Production

We had a great chance to collaborate with Samsung on their exposition for Designblok, the largest design event of its kind in Central Europe. Our challenge was to show the best version of the functions of Samsung Note 8 phones; their interface, user experience and dual cams USPs. Suggested solution also had to follow the subject of the exhibition, "Food and Technology". Quite tricky, right? But we managed to develop solution which comply with all the requirements. Our combination of VR and real-world experience was presented to an exceedingly large number of participants and was shown in the Samsung stores as well. 

Selected Works

Nissan Versa 2020Art Direction / VFX / Animation

Hecht - Stronger Than EverDirection / Design / Animation

Kia Seltos 2020Art Direction / VFX / Animation

Jarana TequilaDirection / Design / Animation

Skoda AR VisualDirection / Design

Tarsus - US EditionDesign & Direction

Vinea Logo RefreshDirection / Design

Nestlé - Choco WorldsDirection / Design / Animation

Crystal Allianz ArenaModeling / Look Development

Otma KetchupsCreative Direction / Design / Production

Mondelēz - Morning BattlefieldDirection / Design / Animation

Walmark MartiansDirection / Design / Animation

Nestlé - Kastany Choco barDirection / Design / Animation

Tarsus Loop VideosDesign / Animation

Fortuna : LeagueDirection / Motion Design / Animation

Samsung Note 8 VR ExperienceDirection / Design / Animation / VR

JDE L’OR Global VisualDirection / Design

JDE L’OR Global VisualDirection / Design

CZUB VRDirection / Design / VR

KRR Architects VRDirection / Design / VR

HeroSunarek Full CGI Commercials & Visuals

SkodaSkoda Prefer Quality? Full CGI Visuals

Tomas RosickyTomas Rosicky - The Goal of the Career Visual

CZUBCZUB Shooting Range VR Experience

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